Long Island Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Reports Findings to Increase Longevity and Health: When you eat better you can reduce the risk of chronic illness, maintain a healthy weight and live longer.

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Over the last thirty years, as an RDN, I have worked with thousands of patients to help them reduce their risk of chronic disease (such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases), reduce inflammation, improve their gut health, and not just lose weight but sustain their optimal weight.  Strategies include education, behavior modification, and an individualized food program My goal is to help individuals live their healthiest lives with sustainable nutrition practices.

Last month I discussed the quality of foods and their link to sustainable weight loss. Now I am presenting the nutrition link for longevity and health.

We all want to live a long and healthy life – the question is whether there is a food plan that will help to achieve this result.  Researchers recently reviewed hundreds of studies, analyzing the dietary components for those consistent with health and longevity.

Their findings:  changing from a high protein, refined carbohydrate, typical Western Diet to a Plant-Based Plan that contains legumes, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and fish with reduced red and processed meats improved health and increased life expectancy.

At any age, selecting nutrient-dense foods will be beneficial “A food plan including mid-to-high levels of unrefined carbohydrates, a low but sufficient mostly plant-based protein intake, and regular fish consumption were linked to an extended lifespan and health span.”

The authors emphasize the need for individuality, nourishment, and sustainability.  They also point out that limited but sufficient protein together with reducing calories to maintain optimal body fat are important components.

Summary:  Diet quality has been shown to reduce of risk of chronic disease and premature death.


For more information, check out these great studies and articles:

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