Weight Loss Certified Nutritionist in Long Island, New York

The current popular weight management strategies provide one-size-fits-all diets with an incorrect expectation that they will be sustainable. Traditional diet programs that encourage individuals to consciously restrict their dietary intake have not only been ineffective but counterproductive, resulting in repeated weight cycling. The fundamentals of healthy eating and the science of weight loss are rarely understood. Eating problems are never evaluated so their resolution remains elusive. Maintenance strategies are not addressed during the weight loss process. 

There are a variety of strategies Nancy utilizes to resolve nutrition problems and implement sustainable change. Some examples are mindful eating, Intuitive eating, self-monitoring, problem solving, behavior modification and relapse prevention. 

Nancy, a NYS certified nutritionist and registered dietitian, works closely with patients to develop sustainable food and behavior practices conducive to the attainment and maintenance of an optimal, rather than temporary measures for acute weight loss. Consultations include dietary evaluation, nutrition education, behavior modification, and an individualized food plan. Dietary recommendations include specific foods and patterns of food choices with consideration for each person’s lifestyle and food preferences as well as health related needs.

Nancy has a private practice, serving clients in Long Island, Queens and Greater New York. Virtual nutrition consultations are available.