Geriatric Registered Dietitian in Long Island, Certified Nutritionist for Senior Wellness

To sustain or improve health and mobility, seniors need to meet their nutritional needs. The dietary requirements of older adults is different from younger individuals, just as the requirements for the pediatric population is different – they are not just younger or older people. As the human body changes, absorption, utilization, and excretion of macro and micro-nutrients change. Nutrition therapy is often needed to ensure an adequate intake for health and well-being, as well as the need to attain and maintain an optimal weight.

As a certified nutritionist and registered dietitian, Nancy works to develop nutrition intervention plans to meet seniors’ unique needs to promote quality of life, health, independent living, and well-being.

Nancy has a private practice, serving clients in Long Island, Queens and Greater New York. Online nutrition consultations are available for optimal aging nutrition practices.