“Before meeting with Nancy, I had been in a constant cycle of over-restricting myself to lose weight rapidly, followed by binge eating and gaining it all back plus some more. Over the past year and a half, Nancy has helped me discover normal eating. What you learn with Nancy is not temporary — you will carry it with you and practice it throughout your life. I have lost almost 70 pounds since first meeting with Nancy and continuing on my journey. I highly recommend working with her.”

“Nancy has been wonderful to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, and very intuitive in identifying and removing roadblocks her clients may be experiencing on their way to achieving their goals. I highly recommend her!”

“Although I was unlucky when I developed some health issues, I was very lucky to find Nancy Mazarin, a skilled, intelligent, caring nutritionist. I saw lots of doctors but she was the one who came up with the diagnosis that finally led to my improved health. She was always available when I had questions and was even willing to meet with me one weekend when I was struggling.”

“Nancy has helped me with reflux issues, keeping my A1c down, and weight loss. She is a fountain of knowledge and shares it in an easy-to-understand manner. She is a true pro. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone needing a nutritionist.”

“I have consulted with Nancy Mazarin off and on for the last 10 years with a variety of dietary issues ranging from weight loss to how to navigate diet with a chronic condition. I have not only found her to be very knowledgeable and always professional but an extremely caring and patient health care provider. She always works very hard to ensure your success and better health!”

“I met Nancy around 37 years ago. She saved my quality of life!! I was experiencing gastrointestinal attacks constantly and couldn’t keep anything in. I told my Gastroenterologist that I felt that I needed to see a nutritionist. I walked into Nancy’s office and my life changed. She said, ”tell me about yourself.” I explained that I had multiple food allergies as a child and was allergic to milk as a baby. She responded,” stop eating it”. I stopped all dairy and we proceeded with an elimination diet to see what else bothered me. I slowly was able to come off the medications that had been prescribed and had stopped attacking. It was a true lifesaver.”

“Nancy was extremely professional, prompt and caring.  She was able to help my husband’s gastric issues that he suffered many years with by diligence and persistence and thinking out of the box with minimal supplementation and realistic alternative food choices for his age and lifestyle. Would highly recommend.”

“Nancy is a concerned nutritionist who has given me many techniques for better, healthy eating habits. She follows through with all promised handouts and materials. I strongly recommend Nancy.”

“Nancy is amazing! I came to her to try and solve stomach issues that I have been struggling with for years. No other doctor or medication has been able to help me and I saw results immediately after seeing Nancy for the first time. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and puts great time and effort into all of her patients.”

“Speaking both personally and as a medical professional, Nancy is extraordinary. She has vast knowledge, is extremely committed to your wellness, and is especially responsive. There is an abundance of information available online which is overwhelming and incorrect. Nancy has been instrumental in bringing me a better quality of life. I am grateful for her expertise.”

“My husband and I have both gone to Nancy Mazarin for nutritional guidance. We found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. She has great strategies for healthy eating, which she customized to our individual needs. Her practical approach has enabled us to maintain our weight even after we completed our time with her. I would highly recommend Nancy Mazarin.”

“I’ve worked with Nancy on and off over the last 23 years. I started seeing her after my first child was born and then I saw her again after my other 2 kids were born. She taught me a lot and helped me to lose about 30lbs each time. Because she did such a wonderful job with me, as each of my kids needed help with dietary issues, I brought them to see her. She has been so helpful to my whole family.”

“It was very reassuring to find a professional with the experience and expertise needed to help me sort out my nutritional issues following an illness. Ms. Mazarin listened carefully to my medical history and digestive problems and created an individualized plan for helping me to gradually return to normal eating. She was open to consulting and collaborating with my physician and physical therapist. Her compassionate approach helped me through this process. “

“I was referred to Nancy Mazarin and she has been outstanding! I have learned so much about nutrition and myself! Thanks to Nancy I have learned tips and techniques for my specific needs that  have changed my, health,  diet, and lifestyle for the better. She is also able to understand today’s busy and changing worlds and find strategies that work for every situation. She is realistic, approachable, and open to thinking through issues and brainstorming on solutions that work for the individual.”

“Nancy is great! She has helped my mom with her diet and nutrition. She is patient and understanding.”

“I have worked with Nancy Mazarin regarding diet and nutrition issues for some time. Nancy is very knowledgeable, detail-oriented in her advice, and is great with follow-up.  I have experienced positive results as a result of her guidance and enthusiastically recommend her.”

“Nancy is a wonderful person and resource.  She gives sensible, practical advice regarding diet and nutrition, based on her knowledge and years of experience as a nutrition practitioner.  You will learn strategies for eating in the real world – healthier food choices, sensible eating habits, finding best options on menus – helpful info to trying to control calorie consumption while living day to day in the real world.  I recommend her highly and without reservation.”

“Nancy is amazing! She was able to help me see a connection between my emotions and food…something I just was not seeing on my own! She’s encouraging and honest and has great suggestions. I would, and have, recommended her to several friends!!”

“Nancy is professional, knowledgeable, and well versed in a multitude of nutritional and dietary issues. I find her helpful and a delight to work with. Highly recommend Nancy.”

“I’ve been a patient for several years. Nancy has helped me lose and maintain my weight loss. Unlike other programs I’ve tried, Nancy has helped me maintain sustainable eating habits. I highly recommend.”

“Thank you Nancy for working with me – I’ve had such incredible results – my life is changed. I no longer have Lichen planus (the autoimmune disease I’ve had for 8 years).”

“Nancy has helped me to develop healthy eating habits, lose over 20 pounds, and maintain my weight over a period of years. I recommend her to help anyone create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

“I’ve been working with Nancy for several months. She has been able to assess the issues and open my eyes to new ways of thinking about nutrition. Nancy is patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Would recommend highly.”

“Nancy is very knowledgeable, supportive, and conscientious. I was able to make the necessary gradual changes in my diet through her suggestions and flexible approach. I would recommend her highly.”

“Wonderful! Super helpful and kind. Nancy is insightful and knowledgeable. Will leave you with lasting and healthy habits. Can’t say enough good things!!! Anyone would be lucky to be her client.”

“Nancy’s knowledge, understanding, and individual approach helped me navigate a personal way to manage my weight long-term. I am grateful for her guidance.”