Long Island Weight Gain Dietitian Nutritionist

Gaining weight when one is underweight is often more difficult than losing weight when one is overweight. It can be a struggle to eat when there is limited appetite or continue to eat when you are full or have no interest. Remaining underweight or continuing to lose weight can have significant health consequences: Malnourishment, muscle wasting, mobility disability, diminished brain function and compromised health. When insufficient calories, protein, vitamins or minerals are consumed, you are not providing the required nourishment for your body and your brain. Health and daily functioning become compromised.

Nancy, a NYS certified nutritionist and registered dietitian, works closely with patients and their physicians, as well as family members or caregivers, to develop a personalized weight gain plan. Consultations include dietary evaluation, nutrition education, behavior modification and an individualized program. Dietary recommendations include specific foods and patterns of food choices with consideration for each patients’ life style and food preferences as well as specific health related needs

Nancy has a private practice, serving clients in Long Island, Queens and Greater New York. Virtual nutrition consultations are available.