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Keeping Those Unwanted Pounds Off – A Long Island Registered Dietitian’s Tips

Healthy Eating

As a registered dietitian who has been working with individuals for more than 30 years, I have learned what common beliefs prevail: Most people mistakenly believe the challenge of weight management is to lose weight.  Research shows that the greater task it to make the newly attained optimal weight permanent.

Studies over the last 20 years have clarified successful strategies for weight loss maintenance.  The following are among the most important:

  • Individualize your approach:
    • One size fits all programs do not even fit many.
    • There is no one right way to lose and maintain weight.
    • Each person’s journey is unique.
  • Sustain a positive mindset and remain motivated.
  • Continue selecting foods that are healthy and enjoyable.
  • Maintain your positive behaviors and lifestyle changes.
  • Plan for lapses.
  • Create a weight maintenance plan. 

Achieving an optimal weight is only the beginning of the journey.  The forever part, preventing weight regain, is even more important.  

Hope Warshaw, in Today’s Dietitian (August/September 2020) addresses the issue of keeping weight off after reaching your optimal weight in more depth. By working with a registered nutritionist, you can individualize a food plan that works with your specific nutrition needs, includes your favorite flavors and family traditions, while attaining and sustaining your optimal weight.