Healthy Diet

New Weight Loss Studies – explained by a Long Island registered dietitian nutritionist.

Attaining and maintaining an optimal weight is a challenge for many people. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, my responsibility is to stay current with the latest research and translate the science into practical solutions for my…

Long Island Women’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Tips to Improve Bone Health: To Mothers during the month of Mother’s Day, are you doing what you need to do for bone health?

In over 30 years of practice as a Long Island registered dietitian nutritionist, I’ve worked with women of all ages helping them optimize their health through medical nutrition therapy. A common problem many of my patients face is osteopenia…

An Expert Nutritionist’s Guide to Supplements: THE SYNERGISTIC EFFECT BETWEEN NUTRIENTS explained by a Long Island dietitian nutritionist

We continually hear or read about the importance of specific vitamins and minerals.  People are encouraged to supplement by the media and the manufacturers who promote these products. According to Ibis World, “the market size, measured…

Long Island Registered Dietitian Explains the benefits of a HEALTHY MICROBIOME: Improve Gut Health with Medical Nutrition Therapy

Long Island Registered Dietitian Explains a HEALTHY MICROBIOME As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I work with many individuals who have digestive/gastrointestinal symptoms and disease (example include but are not limited to abnormal…
Woman Mindful Eating
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Mindful Eating Strategies for Weight Loss and Wellness Plans: Mindful eating explained by a Long Island Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Reaching, and maintaining, a healthy weight can be challenging for many. Over the past 30 years working with thousands of clients to help improve their wellness, understand weight loss, lose weight, and sustain weight loss with individualized…
Vitamin D

How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Seriously Ill with Covid: Long Island Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Explains the Link Between Vitamin D & Covid-19

As a certified dietitian nutritionist, and health professional, I always go to the science.   The studies have shown there is a correlation between low vitamin D and both increased risk of infections and poorer clinical outcomes.  When…
Delicious freshly baked bread assortment on dark rustic background
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THE TRUTH ABOUT BREAD, Long Island Registered Nutritionist helps you choose the best breads for your diet plan 

Despite its widespread popularity, bread is often characterized as unhealthy, harmful, and fattening. Regardless of what you have heard or read, “bread is not the enemy”.   The popularity of the low-carb diet has made bread (and…
Food Choices

Weight Loss Simplified, Tips on How to Lose Weight from Long Island Registered Dietitian

Weight loss misinformation misleads! Food Fads and Fad Diets are defined as unusual diets and eating patterns that promote short-term weight loss, with no concern for long-term weight maintenance or overall health. These diets are often…
Slow Eating
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Nutritionist Tips on How to Eat Less and Lose Weight, Behaviors to Support Sustainable Weight Loss and Wellness

Attaining and maintaining your optimal weight is a path toward disease prevention and health promotion. And portion control is an essential component of weight management.  Changing your thoughts can change the way you eat.  As a registered…
Nerve Pain

Long Island REGISTERED DIETITIAN EXPLAINS HOW NERVE PAIN CAN BE RELIEVED WITH NUTRITION: Tips to Support Nerve Function & Anti-inflammatory Diet Plans

What do your nerves do?  They send directions and information back and forth between your brain and every part of your body – allowing you to breathe,  see, feel, hear, move, and in general, live.  The question is whether food choices…
Slow Eating Tips

Long Island Certified Nutritionist Strategies to Slow Down Eating: Develop Healthy Eating Behaviors for Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Wellness

It’s the New Year, and whether you want to lose weight, improve wellness, manage a chronic condition, improve blood sugar levels and more, it’s not only what you eat that matters but how.  As a holistic nutritionist with over 30…
Frozen Vegetables

Long Island Registered Dietitian Discusses Fresh & Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: Debunking Misinformation About Frozen Foods

A balanced and diversified healthful food plan is important whether you are trying to lose weight, are living with a chronic illness, or want to promote health and prevent disease.  We all know that your shopping cart should be loaded with…