Long Island Certified Nutritionist Strategies to Slow Down Eating: Develop Healthy Eating Behaviors for Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Wellness

Slow Eating Tips

It’s the New Year, and whether you want to lose weight, improve wellness, manage a chronic condition, improve blood sugar levels and more, it’s not only what you eat that matters but how. 

As a holistic nutritionist with over 30 years working with patients in Long Island and New York, one of my biggest recommendations is that everyone practice mindful eating. Here are a few strategies to slow down while eating and develop healthy eating behaviors (even while snacking).

  1. Take small bites.
  2. Chew each bite thoroughly.
  3. Swallow before you take the next bite.
  4. Taste your food: The faster you eat, the less you taste. Keep food in your mouth maximally to enhance tasting
  5. Eat every meal, every snack, like you are dining. 
  6. Take pauses: Put your fork down between bites. Talk with people at the table. 

Slow down! Enjoy each bite, as each bite counts toward nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs. 

Happy New Year!