How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Seriously Ill with Covid: Long Island Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Explains the Link Between Vitamin D & Covid-19

Vitamin D

As a certified dietitian nutritionist, and health professional, I always go to the science.  

The studies have shown there is a correlation between low vitamin D and both increased risk of infections and poorer clinical outcomes.  When scientists compared patients who had sufficient vitamin D levels to those who didn’t, prior to contracting COVID-19, they found striking differences in serious illness.  Half of the people who were vitamin D deficient before getting COVID-19 developed severe illness, compared to less than 10% of those who had sufficient levels of the vitamin in their blood.  Vitamin D deficiency appears to be associated with inflammatory reactions and immune dysfunction, predisposing individuals to severe infection.  

Because of the evidence supporting the use of vitamin D to bolster the immune system and reduce the incidence of severe disease and mortality, and because of the simplicity of administration, and the rarity of side effects, many scientists are saying loud and clear…TAKE VITAMIN D.

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