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Long Island Dietitian Tips on How to Maintain Weight Loss after Ozempic: Lose Weight and Keep it Off

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In my last blog I discussed the Ozempic-Wegovy weight-loss boom. These medications are being publicized as the latest magic to lose weight. Beware because the bigger problem is keeping the weight you lost off. Achieving meaningful weight loss depends on a sustainable lifestyle and diet. 

Sustaining the weight lost with Ozempic is no different than sustaining loss after bariatric surgery or a one-size-fits-all diet program (98% failure rate).  The problems, dietary and/or behavioral, that contributed to the weight gain, prevented loss, or failed to maintain the weight lost, must be identified and solutions for resolution strategized at the beginning of the treatment program. If these difficulties are not resolved, maintenance is unlikely.

Each person is unique, as is their weight history, medical conditions, and nutrition problems.  Personalization therefore requires different strategies to attain and maintain an optimal weight.  Recommendations must be based on science – not “junk science” and give consideration to an individual’s lifestyle and food preferences.  

Ozempic augments the rate of loss by reducing appetite. Without an understanding of the problems however, personalized solutions (dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle) cannot be recommended or implemented. Learning to eat a healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable diet is a necessity if you want to maintain weight loss after Ozempic.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not just about looking and feeling good, but health promotion and disease prevention.  It is not just about eating less, but what you eat – a balanced healthy pattern.   

Conclusion:  Lifestyle Change is essential post Ozempic to sustain a healthy weight.