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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season, along with holiday weight gain, sneaks upon us every year. With all the yummy food, it is hard to say no to the delectable treats found in stores, at the office, and at home. You may be thinking that eating a cookie and gaining a few pounds during the holiday season is not a big deal but studies have shown that people do not lose the weight they gained during this time. Here are a few ways you can prevent seasonal weight gain.

Holiday parties are one of the main reasons for weight gain since there is food galore. Mingling plus eating can lead to overeating quite quickly. Avoid this by not arriving hungry to a party. If it is a potluck or hors d’oeuvre format, you can eat a light meal beforehand so you can sample some food but not eat too much and you will not appear rude. If it is a holiday dinner, eat a healthy snack beforehand to manage your hunger.

Focus on other things than food when you are at a holiday event. Use the time to catch up with friends and family members you have not seen in a while. You might even play with the children for a bit, running around with them is a good way to burn calories. Limit your alcohol consumption as well. It is not just because of the calories drinks contain but also to maintain control. Drinking can cause you to lose your resolve and lead to more eating. If you feel out of place without a drink in your hand, sip on water (flat or sparkling) from an attractive glass.

Take your own delicious but healthy dish or treats with you when you go. That way you can be sure the food you eat is what you want and is good for you. Your host and other guests will certainly appreciate it. For additional tips and tricks to maintaining your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season, seek the help of a professional dietitian nutritionist.