Not everyone can be a Long Island nutritionist, you need credibility

Nancy Mazarin, thee nutritionist in Long Island, has plenty – lets analyze them.

M.S. in Nutrition from Columbia University

Through this program, Nancy studied the importance of nutrition as a prime model for health prevention. She also cultivated strong writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills germane to the nutrition science profession.

R.D. from the American Dietetic Association

It’s tough; Nancy passed an exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for this credential. To maintain it, she meets ongoing professional educational requirements.

CNS from the American College of Nutrition

This important piece certifies that Nancy is respected by her peers. The Board of Certification of Nutrition Specialists is the certifying body offering credentialing for nutrition care experts.

New York State CDN certification

Lastly, Nancy is certified by the State of New York to practice.
To be a nutritionist, especially in New York, is no easy task. But Nancy has the training and knowledge to do it, and do it right.
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Are you ready to become the best you possible? Nutritional Consultant Nancy Mazarin can help! Whether you are facing a medical challenge, weight management issues or just want to improve your healthy, eating right and completing proper, regular exercise will result in overall better health. Here are some reasons why you should find a physical activity you enjoy today:

It Makes You Happy

Studies confirm there is a direct relationship between exercise and an increased release of feel-good hormones. In fact, people who exercise regularly also have a lower risk of depression. Although our culture tends to emphasize medical interventions for almost every problem, exercise is a behavioral treatment that can naturally improve your health over time.

Improve Life in Bed

Regular exercise can boost your active activity in bed – keeping your muscles active promotes hormone production, and more muscle mass means more stimulation and hormone production, which helps both men and women maintain their sexual functioning. Additionally, exercise can help with your not so active bed activity – sleep.

Boost Your Brain, Fight Dementia

Both your intellectual skills and your memory benefit from regular physical activity. Free flowing, increased oxygen to the brain boosts intelligence and your ability to carry out everyday activities. Although we don’t know for certain that exercise can slow or prevent Alzheimer’s, signs point to that it helps, and regular activity helps preserve the neurons in your brain which is an advantage should you ever develop the disease.

Most one-size-fits-all weight loss programs are unrealistic and rarely result in sustained weight loss and maintenance, and can even actually be detrimental to your health. True weight loss success comes from slowly incorporating sustainable changes into your daily routine. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get started today:

Drink Water

As simple as it is, most people can’t seem to get enough. Drinking plain old water will help keep your full and is a vital part of any conditioning program, as it keeps your body happy and aids in every aspect of your body’s functions. Although it is possible to drink too much water, as long as you don’t drink more than a gallon per day you should be fine.3

Eat Whole Foods

Instead of heading towards the pantry for a snack, try to open the fridge more often. Whole, unprocessed foods, like fruits, veggies and whole grain products, are considered low-density foods and should make up about 80 percent of your diet. High-density foods, like butter and candy, provide a sweet taste but not much sustenance. Eating mostly low-density foods is a really easy way to keep your weight in check without feeling like you’re starving yourself.

Be Realistic

Don’t expect too much too soon. It’s taken you a long time to build up the habits you have now, it will take time to change them. Nancy Mazarin is a registered dietitian and certified nutritional specialist who can work with you to develop a personalized plan with specific foods and better choice patterns. You will be given the tools to promote positive changes! Why not start today?

  1. Medical Condition Management: Many chronic illness symptoms can be triggered by a mismanaged diet. Patients with chronic medical conditions can benefit from working with a nutritionist to learn about the suggested dietary habits for their particular conditions, and implement dietary plans for continued wellness.
  2. Weight Loss: For those looking to lose weight, a nutritionist can help reevaluate current dietary habits, and structure a new diet plan to reach an intended weight goal.
  3. Planning for Pregnancy: Are you interested in get pregnant? A nutritionist can educate and create dietary plans to help prospectively pregnant women build their best baby-making body.


Are you interested in working with a nutritionist? Nancy Mazarin is a certified medical nutrition consultant ready to help you start eating for your best self.

  1. More Protein: Protein provides the body long-term sustenance to maintain energy levels over multiple hour time periods. Feeding your family more protein-rich snacks like yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, and beans can help sustain energy all day long.
  2. Be Sneaky: Buying snacks that boast whole grains without sacrificing flavor is a great way to sneak healthy treats into your family’s diet.
  3. Get Fruity: Fruit provides our bodies with vital vitamins and minerals for sustained health and wellness. Swapping a handful of junk food for an apple once a day can make for healthier snacking.

Would you like more nutritional tips for healthier eating? Nancy Mazarin is a certified medical nutritional consultant devoted to getting her clients ready for a healthier life.