Are you ready to become the best you possible? Nutritional Consultant Nancy Mazarin can help! Whether you are facing a medical challenge, weight management issues or just want to improve your healthy, eating right and completing proper, regular exercise will result in overall better health. Here are some reasons why you should find a physical activity you enjoy today:

It Makes You Happy

Studies confirm there is a direct relationship between exercise and an increased release of feel-good hormones. In fact, people who exercise regularly also have a lower risk of depression. Although our culture tends to emphasize medical interventions for almost every problem, exercise is a behavioral treatment that can naturally improve your health over time.

Improve Life in Bed

Regular exercise can boost your active activity in bed – keeping your muscles active promotes hormone production, and more muscle mass means more stimulation and hormone production, which helps both men and women maintain their sexual functioning. Additionally, exercise can help with your not so active bed activity – sleep.

Boost Your Brain, Fight Dementia

Both your intellectual skills and your memory benefit from regular physical activity. Free flowing, increased oxygen to the brain boosts intelligence and your ability to carry out everyday activities. Although we don’t know for certain that exercise can slow or prevent Alzheimer’s, signs point to that it helps, and regular activity helps preserve the neurons in your brain which is an advantage should you ever develop the disease.