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What’s on your plate? Long Island Registered Dietitian Discusses the Difference Between Whole Foods and Processed Foods

Whole Foods are an important component of every healthy diet. Simply stated, whole foods are foods that still look the way they did when they grew in nature - or very similar to it-  remaining close to their original state.  More…

Hunger Hormones & Weight Management: Understanding Hormones for Effective Weight Loss & Successful Weight Maintenance

Trying to control hunger when you are really hungry and need to eat is difficult. Suppressing hunger with “willpower” is a strategy that is doomed to fail. We can’t “trick” or “outsmart” our hunger hormones. To be successful…
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Understanding and Transitioning to Plant Based Diet: Tips From a Registered Dietitian

What Is a Plant-Based Diet Plan? There is no clear definition of what constitutes a whole-food, plant-based diet.  I define a plant-based or plant-forward eating pattern as one that focuses on foods primarily from plants.  This includes…
Food Delivery


This article will tell you what you need to know about ordering in while sheltering at home. As a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist Nancy can personalize your healthy eating plan for foods cooked at home or brought home.
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Guidelines and Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus from a Long Island RDN: WHAT’S NEW AND WHAT YOU CAN DO

A diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes can be alarming – at any age. That said, nutrition therapy from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can help you manage, prevent, and even, in some cases, reverse the disease’s progress. Type…
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Long Island Integrative Nutrition Therapist’s Plant-Based Diet Recommendations for Covid-19: What You Can Do to Improve Immune Function

We are all in the midst of a global pandemic, yet public health advisers have failed to provide any of the evidence-based nutrition or lifestyle related recommendations widely acknowledged as essential for the optimal function of human physiology.…

Chronic Liver Disease – Dietary Patterns and Lifestyle

If you have prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome or are obese, you are at an increased risk of nonalcoholic liver disease. While symptoms can include fatigue or pain in the upper right abdomen, NAFLD is usually asymptomatic. Genetics…

Why People See a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Registered dietitians are experts in food, nutrition as well as the role of nutrients in promoting health. They advise people on optimizing intake in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or to achieve a specific health-related goal. For those…
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How Nutrition Affects Brain Health from Long Island Certified Nutritionist: Can you boost your brain power?

We all have concerns over loss of cognitive function, particularly descent into Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Many studies suggest that maintaining cognitive health, as well as slowing and even preventing cognitive decline, dementia,…
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Nutrition Tips for Beautiful Skin

Want your face to glow?  Food can boost your skin health. When you nourish your body with food to promote health, you also nourish your skin. By selecting certain foods, you can turn around your tired-looking skin. Here’s how to…
Healthy Seniors

Eating for Healthy Aging

The first step toward good health in your senior years is to eat right.  Though you can’t stop aging, you can exert some control over your decade-by decade destiny.  What we eat can affect health and longevity. Selecting a nutrient-dense…
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High-Protein Diet Could Be Harmful, Even for Healthy Kidneys

A high-protein diet, often recommended as a way to lose weight and stay healthy, appears to be harmful to the kidneys in individuals with apparently normal kidney function. Many previous studies have shown that a high-protein diet may harm…